Chandelier inc.

Signature Style

Anita Nesby-Johnson
CEO, Chandelier inc.

Anita is an uprising Business Women Extraordinaire, CEO of Chandelier inc., Life Coach and Image Consultant, who balances her time between family, ministry and the pursuit of her own business. Anita shares her life with her Husband of many years, Apostle Victor Johnson and their five children.

Anita has a passion for style and believes that every individual is unique and deserves their own "Signature Style," not just in clothing but their entire being.  She is a firm believer that confidence is the key to great success... and by her own trial and error, she has cultivated tools to help others.

Anita is currently pursuing her Bachelor degree in Psychology, she has also birthed several ministries; Anita Johnson Ministry and Diamond Extraordinaire Women Ministry, are just two of a few. Anita has a personal desire to encourage adolescents, empower men and women who struggle with low self-esteem and above all, learn to love all man kind beyond all faults.